Tuesday, July 23

What is national trust?

The word national trust seems quite common to all of us. But there is more meaning to it that what we think it is. In the recent times, the growing population and the increasing number of hazards have become a threat to the culture and natural beauty of the world. That is when the national trust was set up. These national trusts are regional offices, and they are found in a lot of places. So here we are going to see some of the things that we do not know about national trust.

national trust

National Trust and its features:

National Trust is an organisation that is controlled both at the regional and the national level. It is an organisation that aims to preserve the culture, heritage and the natural beauty of a place. In a world that is growing out of people and population, it is important that we have an apex body that will deal with issues that concern the security of the natural resources and the cultural heritage of a place. This is the reason as to why the national trust was constituted.

National Trust is a regional organisation as we already know and there are offices in different regions. The aim and what they stand for might change from one centre to the other. Not all organisations aim at culture and heritage, and there are organisations that specifically aim at different sectors of the culture and heritage of that country. Even developing countries like India have trust organisations that preserve their culture and heritage.

These organisations also get the opportunity of having membership in various other trusts that function in various other countries and the Indian trust itself is a member in 50 other countries, paving the way for better global integration and healthy relationship between the nations.

Treasuring the wealth of the nation:

The main motto of the national trust agency is to preserve the natural and cultural wealth of the nation. Due to the efforts were taken by the state and the centre through these organisations we are able to witness the greatest things of the history. We also have national trusts that preserve the artworks and artefacts that add value to the ancient history and culture of that nation. If not for these organisations most of us would not have had the chance of witnessing the greatest things that are a part of our history and tradition.

Who funds the national trust?

The national trust is funded by a lot of organisation across the globe. National trusts have various organisations supporting them both at the national and international platform, and this will help them to fund their needs. The trust does have a lot of contributors who make regular contributions to the growth and welfare of the national trust.