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Unique Engraving Ideas For Personalized Wedding Rings

Figuring out what to engrave on your wedding rings can be intimidating. But, don’t stress about it too much!

Engraving a short romantic sentiment is an excellent choice. This can include a Bible verse, song lyrics or a poem.

Some couples have special nicknames they call each other. These personal and private names work well as a unique ring engraving.

Bible Verse

If you and your partner share a religious faith, a bible verse or a religious quote can be a beautiful way to memorialize your special bond. A short verse can be meaningful and romantic, or you can engrave a larger passage to give your ring some extra symbolism.

If your relationship has a good sense of humor, an inside joke or witty phrase can be a fun option for your engraving. This could be a silly nickname or pet name, a humorous cooking fail, or even something from your shared interests like binary code!

Many couples have a song or poem that holds significance to their relationship. Engraving a lyric from this song can be a beautiful way to show your love for each other and make your rings feel even more personal.

Song Lyrics

Engravings on wedding bands are a beautiful way for couples to add a meaningful and personalized touch to their rings. Whether you opt for a short and sweet romantic saying or a whimsical quote, your engraved message will be a reminder of your love story and lifelong commitment to one another.

Enrich your engraved message with song lyrics that hold special meaning for you and your partner. This could be a line from the song playing on the jukebox when you first kissed or a line from a favorite poem, such as “Thoughtful Words” by Raymond Carver. It’s also a lovely idea to use the GPS coordinates of a place that holds a special place in your heart, such as where you first met or got engaged.

You can even go a step further and engrave the lyrics to your wedding song on each of your rings. Just keep in mind that ring engravings are limited by space, so it’s best to choose a phrase that is short and sweet—no longer than 30 characters.

Romance Languages

Romance languages are a beautiful way to express yourself and your loved one’s love. They are especially meaningful when you and your partner share a common language. For instance, if you both speak French or Latin, engraving “I love you” in these romantic languages will be tenfold more special than if you simply wrote it out.

Other romance-inspired messages that you can put on minimalist rings by Jaume Labro include the coordinates of a location that’s meaningful to you both, like the place where you first met or got engaged. You can also engrave your vows or a line from a love poem on your rings.

If you and your partner have a lighthearted sense of humor, consider engraving a funny quote on your rings. This is a great way to represent your playful side, as well as the fun you’ll have together for years to come.

Another funny option is to split a saying between your rings, which will be cute and symbolic. This is an excellent choice for couples who want to evoke a sense of balance and symmetry, which represents the way you and your partner are becoming unified as a single unit. You could even use a pun, which is a surefire way to make your partner smile.

Inside Jokes

Inside jokes, also known as private jokes, involve humor that’s only understandable to a select group of people. This group can range from a social clique to an entire profession or other community of shared interests. These types of jokes increase a sense of bonding as they help the members of the ingroup to feel connected to one another. However, outsiders often don’t understand the humor and may feel disconnected from the ingroup.

If you and your partner have a special sense of humor, consider including an inside joke as part of your wedding ring engravings. This can be anything from playful care instructions to lighthearted reminders about the future (“Behave yourself!”). You could even include a goofy pet name or a funny confession that you’ve been keeping from the rest of the world.

Similarly, if you and your partner speak a different language, you can have that engraved on your rings. This is a great way to show your love in a language that you both understand. For example, if you speak French together, you can have “Je t’aime” engraved on your rings. Alternatively, you could get creative and have your rings say “I love you” in binary code or in any other language that speaks to your unique bond.


Engraving your wedding rings is a great way to add a touch of personalization that can be treasured forever. From traditional and religious to romantic and humorous, there are plenty of engraving ideas that are sure to help you find the perfect inscription for your rings!

One of the most popular wedding ring engravings is the date, which is a beautiful way to commemorate your special day. However, there are also a number of other options that can be just as meaningful. You could engrave a specific city of love (Paris, Venice, etc.), the dates of other significant events, or even your initials and the date beside each other.

Do you and your partner share a special nickname? This is a great option for a personalized inscription because it will be something only you and your partner will ever see. Nicknames like Baby or Sweetie can be a fun way to show your affection for one another, and they will always remind you of your special connection.

Many couples also choose to engrave song lyrics or lines from poetry that are particularly meaningful to them as a couple. If you and your partner have a shared passion for literature, this can be a beautiful way to show your devotion to each other.

Funny Quotes

Whether you and your partner are always cracking wise or have a playful sense of humor, funny ring engraving quotes are a great way to add some fun and sentiment to your rings. Just like with inside jokes, these witty phrases are something that only you and your partner will understand, adding even more meaning to the piece of jewelry.

Another unique ring engraving idea is to use a quote from a book or movie that means a lot to you and your partner. This can be a special line from a love story that you’ve both read, or it could even be the title of a film that is important to you both.

If you and your partner share a common language or have visited a country that is meaningful to both of you, it can be beautiful to engrave a phrase in the native tongue on your wedding bands. This can be a simple infinity sign, a religious symbol, or something that references your shared interests and professions, such as strings of programming code.

Finally, many couples choose to engrave their special date on their wedding rings. This can be the day that they exchanged their engagement rings, the date of their wedding or even the date of their first kiss.

Last Names

When it comes to wedding rings, engravings are a great way to add personalization. But the key is to take your time and find a meaningful idea that truly symbolizes you and your partner. If you rush the process, you may end up with something that you’ll regret a few years down the road.

If you and your partner share a sense of humor, a funny quote can be an excellent choice. It can be a quote from a movie, your favorite comic strip, or even an inside joke you two have shared over the course of your relationship. It’s a great way to show your personality as a couple and make your partner smile every time they look at their ring.

Another unique ring engraving idea is to use your last names as part of a monogram. This will be especially meaningful if one of you is changing your name after marriage. It’s also a classic and elegant way to celebrate your commitment to each other. You can also pair this with a special date to create a memorable and romantic message for your ring. This is a popular choice for many couples as it can be simple and elegant while still being personalized.